Secure Wire Transfer Automation

Manual wire processing is perhaps the most inefficient process in banking operations today. The process itself exposes your institution to the risk of human errors, OFAC concerns, audit concerns and fraud risk. Protect your institution and gain efficiency with WirePro.


Secure Wire Transfer Automation Features

Watch List Manager (WLM) Provides confidence in your scanning efforts. WirePro Branch Origination Automates the wire process, making it easier and more accurate. WirePro Branch Notification Exceed your customers’ expectations and build trust with instant notifications.
WirePro WireFraud Manager Protects your institution by providing a maximum amount of fraud prevention.    

Clearly wire transfer automation is critical for today’s full-service institutions. WirePro from Banker’s Toolbox enables you to satisfy customer requests through links to the leading cash management systems, while automating the entire back office workflow process. Your customers will be pleased with the service and your staff will appreciate the ease of use – a win-win for everyone.

Benefits of WirePro

  • Practical and affordable wire processing automation
  • Create/accept FedLine and SWIFT formatted file types
  • Automated OFAC scanning, interdiction and quarantining
  • Incoming/outgoing wire validation, record keeping and recording
  • Automated transaction posting to core systems (batch & hard posts, analysis & general ledger entries) delivered by such processors as Fiserv, FIS, Jack Henry, OSI and Harland, among others
  • Automated template creation for outgoing wire applications to reduce manual inputs
  • Search capabilities with account numbers, amount and date rangers, names of originators/beneficiaries, OMAD/IMAD numbers and reference information
  • Data warehouse for BSA record keeping requirement
  • Branch module for enterprise-wide real-time access and branch level wire origination (optional)
  • Used by institutions running leading cash management systems such as E-corp, Net Teller, Digital Insight, S1, Qup, among others
  • Real-time customer notification via SMS text message or email (optional)
  • Regulation E Compliance - WirePro is also fully compliant with the recent rule change by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. WirePro has built-in logic which determines if a wire falls within the scope of Regulation E, and the capability to generate the required disclosures straight from the wire input screen. WirePro can also generate a report of Reg E wires with detailed records for audit purposes.
  • Wells Fargo Partnership - For financial institutions processing a high volume of international wires, Banker’s Toolbox has a partnership with Wells Fargo to offer optional, real-time, exchange rate integration. WirePro can pull daily static rates directly from Wells Fargo that determine the foreign currency conversion and automatically populate the required remittance disclosures. In addition, WirePro maintains a fee and funds delivery date table provided by Wells Fargo which will also populate the remittance disclosures.

Wire Transfer Resources

Wire Transfer Experts

  • John Meyer

    John Meyer

    Chief Product Officer

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    John Meyer has worked in the Banking and Technology industry for 15+ years, most recently as the Vice President of Development for Specialized Solutions with Harland Financial Solutions. The teams he managed provided teller, new account, internet banking, and BSA/CIP solutions for over 2000 Financial Institutions. He also supervised the design of a fraud detection engine designed to safeguard over a million internet-banking users daily. Prior to his work in software development, John Meyer worked for a community bank in Western Pennsylvania. He joined Banker’s Toolbox in March of 2012 as the Chief Product Officer.

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  • Kevin Gulledge

    Kevin Gulledge

    CAMS, Senior Risk Management Consultant 

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    Kevin Gulledge, CAMS, is a Senior Risk Management Consultant with over a decade of experience in the retail banking industry. He worked with mid-sized and large international institutions in a variety of roles, from Teller to New Account Representative to Compliance Analyst to BSA Investigator and BSA Department Manager. He has been in his current role as consultant and educator since 2014, where he has trained institutions on functionality and best BSA/AML practices, as well as calibrated risk-based systems and consulted and worked with BSA officers and regulators on internal and external projects; including program efficiency reviews, policy and procedure drafting, risk assessments and more. Kevin is CAMS-certified and is a member of National ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) and the Central Texas ACAMS Chapter.

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  • Michelle Florez

    Michelle Florez

    Product Manager 

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    Michelle Florez came to Banker’s Toolbox with 15 years’ experience in the financial institution industry.  She worked with retail banking for four years before moving to Bank Operations.  There she managed the Fraud Department which handled check fraud, deposit fraud, kiting, and debit card fraud and disputes.  Michelle brought the debit card dispute process in house and set up procedures for debit card investigations, tracking of disputes, and the chargeback of disputed transactions. Michelle Florez also worked in the BSA/AML department where she completed BSA investigations along with creating and reviewing SARs.  She joined Banker’s Toolbox Product Department in March 2011. Michelle is now the Product Manager over Fraud Manager, BAM+ Fraud Modules, WirePro, Kite Manager and Relationship Manager.

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  • Terry Jones, CAMS

    Terry Jones, CAMS

    Senior National Risk Specialist

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    Terry Jones is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist with over 14 years experience servicing the financial community in the areas of Operations and BSA. She began working with Banker’s Toolbox as a Product Trainer in July 2005, transitioned to the Sales team in January 2006. In 2010, Terry worked as a Relationship Manager working directly with our customers as well working with the Sales team. Prior to Banker’s Toolbox, she worked at several financial institutions including Imperial Valley National Bank, Crocker Bank, Valley Independent Bank, and Rabobank, N.A. Terry is experienced in branch operations as well as managing Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering responsibilities.

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