Detect and prevent fraud systematically with Banker’s Toolbox Fraud Scenarios. Our software will detect and alert you to a host of fraud types, while providing you a case management system to resolve alerts quickly and efficiently.  Find out how our fraud detection and prevention systems can help you.



Fraud Prevention Scenarios

ACH Fraud Keeps you prepared by identifying a broad range of suspicious activity. Wire Fraud Makes your life easier and more efficient by providing comprehensive coverage and reducing false positive “noise”. Debit Card Fraud Protects your customers and your reputation.
Check Fraud Prevention Saves you time and money by effectively managing your workflow. Check Kiting Minimize risk and gain efficiencies with this affordable solution. Enterprise Fraud Case Management Become more efficient at tracking and recording fraud detection across your entire financial institution.

In order to protect customers and satisfy regulators, financial institutions need an early detection method to identify fraud fast and effectively. Your customers’ security and your reputation depend on it. In a recent market research survey, Banker’s Toolbox found that over 73% of respondents house BSA and Fraud Prevention under the same management umbrella. Since fraudulent activity is on the rise, there’s an excellent chance that your responsibilities have increased, too.  Having the ability to manage both BSA AND fraud prevention on the same platform is critical to an effective financial crime detection system. Banker’s Toolbox takes a unique approach when identifying fraudulent activity. Our multi-dimensional technology combines institution level risk thresholds and behavioral logic that identifies individual and peer deviations with typology pattern recognition. By combining these three methodologies, BAM+ users have the unique advantage of attacking fraudulent activity on multiple fronts.

Fraud Experts

  • Adam McClure

    Adam McClure

    National Risk Specialist

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    Adam McClure graduated from Utica College at Syracuse University with a degree in Economic Crime Investigation. During that time, he interned in the New York Life Compliance Office, specifically addressing AML issues and FINRA regulations.  He has experience in the financial services industry, having worked in personal, business, and estate planning. Just before joining Banker’s Toolbox, Adam McClure served as the Central Texas Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Captain for a FORTUNE 500 ® company, investigating debit/credit card fraud, check fraud, Organized Criminal Enterprises, and identity theft.

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  • John Meyer

    John Meyer

    Chief Product Officer

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    John Meyer has worked in the Banking and Technology industry for 15+ years, most recently as the Vice President of Development for Specialized Solutions with Harland Financial Solutions. The teams he managed provided teller, new account, internet banking, and BSA/CIP solutions for over 2000 Financial Institutions. He also supervised the design of a fraud detection engine designed to safeguard over a million internet-banking users daily. Prior to his work in software development, John Meyer worked for a community bank in Western Pennsylvania. He joined Banker’s Toolbox in March of 2012 as the Chief Product Officer.

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  • Michelle Florez

    Michelle Florez

    Product Manager 

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    Michelle Florez came to Banker’s Toolbox with 15 years’ experience in the financial institution industry.  She worked with retail banking for four years before moving to Bank Operations.  There she managed the Fraud Department which handled check fraud, deposit fraud, kiting, and debit card fraud and disputes.  Michelle brought the debit card dispute process in house and set up procedures for debit card investigations, tracking of disputes, and the chargeback of disputed transactions. Michelle Florez also worked in the BSA/AML department where she completed BSA investigations along with creating and reviewing SARs.  She joined Banker’s Toolbox Product Department in March 2011. Michelle is now the Product Manager over Fraud Manager, BAM+ Fraud Modules, WirePro, Kite Manager and Relationship Manager.

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