Banker’s Toolbox BSA & AML software, BAM+, is a powerful anti-money laundering and fraud prevention solution that detects and resolves suspicious financial activity. Every institution is different and our AML software is the only solution that can be tailored to fit your institution’s unique risk profile.

BSA & AML Software



Learn why customers choose BAM+ as their AML software.

BAM+ Features

Money Laundering Detection Simplify the detection process by using the appropriate fraud scenarios for your needs.

Data ValidationHave confidence in your data integrity with daily imports and multi-source validation.

Automated Risk Rating
Clearly define and document your risk tolerance with this risk rating model.
SAR Preparation & E-Filing User-friendly workflows with beginning to end case management. CTR Automation Aggregate data and gain efficiency with CTR Automation. Case Management Easy to use workflows and a centralized destination for all cases give you a better view of institutional activity.
Customer Due Diligence Gain assurance you are gathering and recording all the right information on your customers with Due Diligence Manager. Negative News Take the guess-work out of your account research with Negative News. OFAC Sanctions Screening Get increased efficiency, coverage and accuracy from this progressive watch list system.
Branch Reporting Leverage the internal workflow systems to gain efficiency in gathering the front line information you need in your BSA & AML efforts.
Flexible Deployment Options Whether you chose to deploy BAM+ on-premise or host it at our secure data center, we offer flexible options to meet your needs.

How Does BAM+ Work?

The BAM+ anti-money laundering software utilizes scenarios to detect known patterns of suspicious financial behavior. These scenarios are written specifically to give financial institutions a blended analytics approach to mitigate their risk. In the BSA/AML space, scenarios utilize rules logic, behavioral logic and typologies to detect potentially suspicious activity across multi-dimensional data sources. Once detected, Alerts are created and managed through a proprietary case management system that defines the activity type and provides an appropriate workflow for investigation and resolution. Every financial institution is different, so Banker’s Toolbox doesn’t believe in the "one-size-fits all" approach (we don’t think examiners do, either). A main benefit to BAM+ is that it can be configured based on your needs and customer base. Easy statistical analysis allows you to set effective parameters based on your “normal” ranges in order to filter out “false-positive” noise, giving you a clear picture of all potential anti-money laundering activity. Our staff provides personalized support from implementation and beyond, and we’re there every step of the way to ensure you’re using the system effectively. Each BAM+ customer has a dedicated relationship manager, so you have an expert in your court to answer any questions.