Customer retention is more difficult than ever, and financial institutions are barely keeping pace. For every 1 account that closes, only 1.3 accounts are opened. Plus, acquiring and retaining customers can be costly. Strategic use of banking data analytics is the best way to retain customers and strengthen relationships.

Relationship Manager is a powerful business intelligence tool that will aid your institution’s strategy to leverage big data. Relationship Manager runs various Scenarios to provide you predictive analytics for customer retention and cross-sell opportunities for your account holders.

Banking Data Analytics & Business Intelligence


Learn how business intelligence through transaction monitoring gives you a competitive advantage.

Harness Your Institution's Banking Data Analytics To Build Strategy

Identify Cross Sell Opportunities Detect patterns in customer activity that indicate a new product or service, such as a loan, may be valuable.

Retain Customers Act in a timely and relevant manner to prevent customers from leaving your institution.

Leverage Existing Data Utilize transaction data that is already flowing into your system, rather than relying on third-party demographic data.

Be Proactively Notified Relationship Manager will alert you when a pattern is detected, avoiding the need to have to check it manually. Use Timely Data Many banking customer relationship management tools' data is several weeks old, but fresh data is the best indicator of intent. Strengthen Relationships Add value to your customers and maximize customer satisfaction, keeping your institution successful and profitable.