Human Trafficking and Sporting Events

Human Trafficking and Major Sporting Events – A Growing World Problem

Worldwide sporting events are great for host countries, bringing in millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of tourists. Unfortunately, it’s not all with the best intentions.  

As the final whistle blew, the men’s World Cup came to an end. Football (soccer) remains the most popular sport in the world with the World Cup being the biggest sporting event worldwide. The final legitimate revenue count is expected to surpass $6 billion from the tournament, not to mention the influx of revenue into the hosting country Russia. But the increased flow of both people and money into the country isn’t all positive.

Major sporting events provide venues for millions of people to come together and spend large sums of money to attend these events. Unfortunately, they also attract more nefarious types of citizens into host cities: those who lead and promote human trafficking rings.

Human trafficking around major sporting events is a growing problem we can no longer ignore. Learn to spot the warning signs and how your BSA staff can help.  

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