Acquisitions and BSA

Learn How to Navigate Mergers/Acquisitions and BSA/AML

When it comes to mergers/acquisitions and BSA/AML “Proper Planning Precludes Poor Performance”

With institution mergers and acquisitions on the rise, it’s important to conduct a proper due diligence around BSA and AML. As learned in “The Importance of BSA/AML Compliance During and Acquisition: Proper Planning Precludes Poor Performance – Part 1” a compliant BSA/AML program can determine the success of a success merger and/or acquisition.

No matter how good you are and no matter how much information you see pre-acquisition (in which confidentiality will prevent a full view of systems and customer data), evaluating a BSA/AML program comes with challenges. There’s a chance that you may have limited time, you may not have adequate resources, or might not have the access you need to find every possible BSA/AML issue. Because of these resource and time constraints, we must rely on either luck or a solid plan of action to find important issues in the most efficient, effective ways possible. In this paper, we will give guidelines and strategies around institution consolidations so you don’t have to rely on luck.


Learn how to conduct a proper due diligence in a merger and/or acquisition.

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Once you have finished the white paper, be sure to check out our webinar: BSA Compliance in Successful Acquisitions.