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BSA/AML compliance is a priority during mergers and acquisitions. It’s important to have a BSA/AML system that is flexible enough to growth with you as your institution grows. BAM+ can adapt to any changes of your institution may face while keeping the integrity of your BSA program. Learn about the success our customers have through growth with mergers/acquisitions.


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Other Merger/Acquisitions, BSA/AML Compliance Resources

Case Study

Support Through Mergers

See how BAM+ helped Union Bank & Trust accommodate its new size of over $8.2 billion.

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Woodforest National Bank

Banker’s Toolbox adapted to the extensive growth of Woodforest National Bank while controlling risk.

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BSA an Acquisition Success

Learn the 5 most critical BSA issues during acquisitions and the 4 steps for merging BSA programs.

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White Paper

BSA & AML in Consolidations

Planning Precludes Poor Performance

Discover why a compliant BSA/AML program is important for successful consolidations of institutions. Get guidelines and strategies around institution consolidations so you don’t have to rely on luck.
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White Paper

Strategies For Compliance in Growth

When Success Puts You In The Spotlight  

It’s important for financial institutions to maintain growth without incurring regulatory criticism of its BSA program. Discover trends that led the industry to its current state and how to avoid penalties and sustaining long-term success.
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Learn more about how Banker’s Toolbox AML software, BAM+, and how it can grow with you.