Consulting and BAM+ Work Together


Snapshot: Where Are They Now?

When we last checked in with Kathy Gold, she had officially been the BSA Officer at Ozona Bank for about six weeks. On top of that, OCC regulators had just spent the last three weeks in-house performing their exam. Potentially, this could have been a challenge for Ozona. With a new BSA Officer, semi-recent growth into new markets and a recently recalibrated BSA/AML automation system, there were a lot of moving parts. But thanks to a supportive upper management at Ozona and the guidance of Banker’s Toolbox Consulting Services, the regulators were impressed.

We had the OCC in-house for the last three weeks…he asked some questions and we got [Consulting Services] on the phone. They were able to satisfy his answers… He was impressed with us moving forward with BAM.

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