BAM+ Adapts to BSA/AML Changes Associated with an Institution’s Growth


The Need for Adaptability

Woodforest National Bank® has grown tremendously over the last several years. Due to its size, Woodforest’s needs are a bit different from its peers. However, growth is a common indicator of success for financial institutions of all sizes. It is important that a BSA/AML program can adapt to the changes associated with growth.

According to SAR Manager Evan Jezek, BAM+ has grown successfully along with the bank. In fact, Woodforest and Banker’s Toolbox pretty much “grew up” together! As one of the very first Banker’s Toolbox clients, Woodforest National Bank knows the importance of gaining a partner, not just a software company.


“Honestly, I can’t imagine doing my job without BAM+…It was a very simple system and a very simple software to learn… Nothing else really comes close to the functionality and user experience of Banker’s [Toolbox].”


Before: What Were The Challenges?

Woodforest sees a high volume of transactions. And with 50 people in the BSA department, efficiency is essential. In order to remain successful, the team needed a way to streamline its processes. For that reason, the web-based case management system within BAM+ has been critical….

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More Than Just Software

“At the end of the day, you’re going to do business with good people who understand where you’re coming from,” said Evan, referring to Banker’s Toolbox’s support.”

Furthermore, Evan said that Banker’s Toolbox is proactive instead of reactive, like some other vendors. He named an example where he received an email bulletin from Banker’s Toolbox that he was able to provide directly to his directors and CEO, helping them make a decision internally. “Not only do [Banker’s Toolbox] staff support the software, but they support the users, too.”