BAM+ Supports Large Banks and Accommodates Growth


The Challenge: Doubling in Size

Take two financial institutions and merge them together. What do you get? Essentially, you get an entirely new, significantly larger financial institution. This can present a challenge to the BSA/AML department, which needs to adjust its policies and procedures to accommodate the growth.

That is what happened to Union Bank & Trust, a Banker’s Toolbox customer since 2006. Union acquired Stellar One in 2013, and the two merged systems in May of 2014. Following the merger, the institution virtually doubled in size. Its assets now total over $8.2 billion.

In 2012, Union upgraded to BAM+, the most recent version of Banker’s Toolbox’s suspicious activity detection engine. BAM+ is designed to support large financial institution like Union. It is simple to customize the settings and parameters within BAM+, which helps institutions adapt to change and accommodate large amounts of data. Furthermore, BAM+ can also be customized based on an institution’s risk profile without losing its ease of functionality. Here is how BAM+ helped Union accommodate its new size.

When we doubled, we had to look at our rules (Scenarios) and we just had to adjust those based on our size. We had to kind of ‘risk’ ourselves.”

The Solution: Adapting BAM+ to Account for Risks

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