How BAM+ Can Reduce False Hits and Boost Efficiency 


The Challenge: Too Many Alerts, Too Little Time

“The false positives were unreal,” said Danielle Mitchell, Senior Vice President and BSA & Compliance Officer at Texan Bank. She was referring to the bank’s previous BSA software automation. The system was returning too many alerts, most of which were not meaningful. Danielle was wasting time clearing the same alerts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The process was inefficient; auditors began to notice.

Beyond the false positives, the reporting in the old system was a challenge. “The reports were terrible,” Danielle said. There was no easy way to track the investigation trail of an alert. The CTR/SAR filing functions were also inadequate, causing a lot of manual work on Danielle’s end. “It was a nightmare,” she said.

I went to the president and said, ‘We are not going to get through this next audit or exam and everything be okay.’ Something had to change.”

The Solution: Custom Scenarios in BAM+

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