Hosted Services Creates Efficiency

Hosted Services Creates Efficiency Across the Company


The Challenge: Managing Software Upgrades and Productivity 

IT departments at financial institutions are riddled with a myriad of tasks on a daily basis, from setting up new computer systems to protecting sensitive data to updating and managing the numerous software platforms the institution uses. All of these tasks can create a huge backlog for the IT department and reduce productivity across many departments. The time and resources it takes to manage on-premise software create a risk of inefficiency that could dampen an institutions ability to grow.

California Business Bank recognized these issues when their BSA Officer Mona McGrury was waiting for her IT department to perform an upgrade for their BSA/AML Software, BAM+. Mona was eager to have access to the newest productivity-gaining features and functionality in BAM+, but fitting the project into the many demands on her IT department delayed her access to these new tools. “You have to work harder when you’re on older versions of software,” Mona said. She realized that she needed to work closely with Robert Cantrell, Chief Technology Officer, to take joint ownership of the bank’s BSA/AML software. They both knew they needed to partner to look at a more efficient and effective solution.

Before [using hosted services] if there was an issue with the server, Banker’s Toolbox would have to contact our IT department to get it resolved. If they weren’t available, we couldn’t get the issue resolved and I couldn’t do my job to the best of my ability. It potentially left the bank at risk and created additional work for our IT department. Since Banker’s Toolbox now has direct access to our servers, we noticed that the support resolution time is much faster, and resources are more readily available to us.”

The Solution: Banker’s Toolbox Hosted Services

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