Customizing BAM+ to Account for Risks

The Challenge: A New Role, New Risks

When Melissa Triplett transitioned over to California Business Bank, it was already using BAM, but not to its fullest potential. There were some automation-related findings in the internal audit that needed to be fixed before the FDIC exam. Additionally, the bank was also in the process of implementing a new product line: online account creation. Because of the risks associated with it, online account creation needed to be treated differently than existing products.

Melissa knew that implementing the new product and remediating the BSA program would be a challenge. However, armed with her knowledge from BUG and BAM Academy, she felt confident in her ability to get the job done with BAM.

I love that you can customize (BAM)… It’s very hands-on, very intuitive…. We were able to figure out, ‘How can we do this? What tools do we have so we can start to notice trends?’”

The Solution: Customizing BAM to Account for Risks

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