Certified Financial Crime Specialists (CFCS) Scholarship


CFCS Scholarship

AUSTIN, TX – FEBRUARY 28, 2018 – Banker’s Toolbox, Inc., frontrunners in the financial compliance and risk mitigation industry, announced a new partnership with the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists.

In a partnership with the association, Banker’s Toolbox has established a scholarship for the Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) certification program to promote the importance of financial crime proficiency within the industry. This certification sets a strong foundation for industry professionals to increase their success in detecting and preventing financial crime.

Banker’s Toolbox Fraud Specialist and Product Manager, Michelle Florez, advocates the need for more educational support for financial crime specialists. Florez explains, “With the current complexity of financial crimes, institutions can’t solely rely on software. There is a human aspect that cannot be ignored: human intuition. That intuition needs to be coupled with an understanding of new trends in fraud, an understanding of how schemes work and a general knowledge of industry processes.” Florez concludes, “These are the building blocks of a successful financial crimes investigator and why the CFCS is such an important certification.”

Darrin Hansen, Chief Revenue Officer adds, “Banker’s Toolbox recognizes the importance of expertise in order to be successful in this industry, which is why we offer professional development opportunities such as workshops, thought leadership webinars, conferences and other resources. Our promise is to deliver ‘Success. Not JUST Software.’ Investing in the Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) Certification is another way we can uphold our commitment to ensure industry professionals have the expertise needed to enable better performance in financial crime compliance, investigations, regulation and enforcement.”

To apply or learn more about the Banker’s Toolbox CFCS Scholarship please visit https://www.bankerstoolbox.com/cfcs.

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