Huge Fan of BAM!

Sure that you have heard this already, but I was participating because the online community is so robust and I have been learning so much!

Your members make the community viable and your contest may have gotten that started.  Thanks for facilitating and I hope the group remains strong.

I am a huge fan of BAM – the system is really built with BSA in mind.

-Jennifer Creger, Omni Bank, Metairie, LA

Great Group!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoyed the user group conference.  I got so much information out of it, I don’t even know where to begin.

I really enjoyed the format and that it was not all lecture but also a lot of hands-on and how-to’s, while allowing everyone to ask questions and really understand it.

I think you all did a great job!  I know it takes a lot of effort to put these on so I wanted to make sure you knew it wasn’t all in vain.

I look forward to next year and learning even more.  Y’all (I can use that term now that you’re in Texas) are a great group and really look out for your customers.

-Kim Czajkowski, American Bank, Corpus Christi, TX

Permanent Fix!

“I was very impressed that the rep took the time to not just fix the problem, but like me, wanted to know why it happened so that a fix could be applied that direction also to prevent future problems. The rep spent time the next day to fix this and in total,
all your folks were
helpful, professional,
and kind

-Sheila Maikranz, Integra Bank, NA, Evansville, IN

Great Support!

“We are always very happy with the support we receive from Banker’s Toolbox!”

-Betty Kerswill, El Dorado Savings Bank, Placerville, CA

“Great Work!”

“I want to take a few minutes out of my busy day to make a note of your company’s EXCELLENT customer service.  You have enabled us to utilize the full functionality of BAM. Phone calls returned promptly, awesome product knowledge, patience and understanding with our end users. The upgrade of our application went without any issues; training this week was extremely informative and you know how uptight we are in DC.
I wish all of my vendors performed like you.

Great work and keep it up!”

-Brian Keyes, City First Bank of DC, Washington, DC