Human Trafficking and Major Sporting Events – A Growing World Problem

Worldwide sporting events are great for host countries, bringing in millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of tourists. Unfortunately, it's not all with the best intentions.  Human trafficking around major sporting events is a growing problem we can no longer ignore. Learn to spot the warning signs and how your BSA staff can help.  

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Getting Started with Stress Testing | Creating a Healthy Loan Portfolio for Your Institution 

Creating a Healthy Loan Portfolio for Your Institution  What is a healthy loan portfolio and why does it matter? It's been a decade since the most severe financial crisis, after the Great Depression, and now the banking industry is finally rebounding with higher net interest margins and bottom line net income. Financial institutions are starting to issuing more loans at appealing rates. As institutions increase the number of loans that they issue, it's crucial that they have a diverse loan portfolio. In this white paper, CRE stress testing expert, Michelle Lucci, CAMS, CRCM,…...more →

A Complete Guide To Finding a CDD/EDD Solution

What Is The Right CDD/EDD Solution For Your Institution? When it comes to choosing a CDD/EDD solution make sure you consider all the factors. FinCEN’s Final Ruling on Customer Due Diligence requirements for financial institutions calls for a number of changes that will affect every financial institution as it works to cultivate new relationships, open new accounts, and monitor its customer/member base. As your institution navigates through project plans ahead of the May 2018 deadline, it is important to take a step back and look at the broader picture to ensure success across…...more →

Prepare, Perform and Plan | A Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions and BSA & AML

Learn How to Navigate Mergers/Acquisitions and BSA/AML When it comes to mergers/acquisitions and BSA/AML "Proper Planning Precludes Poor Performance" With institution mergers and acquisitions on the rise, it’s important to conduct a proper due diligence around BSA and AML. As learned in “The Importance of BSA/AML Compliance During and Acquisition: Proper Planning Precludes Poor Performance - Part 1” a compliant BSA/AML program can determine the success of a success merger and/or acquisition. No matter how good you are and no matter how much information you see pre-acquisition (in which confidentiality will prevent a…...more →

The Importance of BSA & AML in Mergers and Acquisitions

Want a successful transaction? Make sure to evaluate BSA & AML in Mergers and Acquisitions. Learn The Three P's For BSA & AML in Mergers and Acquisitions There are numerous reasons why financial institutions go through mergers, but for community financial institutions, being a part of an acquisition is a likely event that industry professionals should expect to be involved in at some point in their career. Whether it’s on the acquiring side or the target side, an institution’s Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) program plays a critical part in the success of…...more →

Business Intelligence in Banking: Leverage Transactional Data Monitoring for Profitability

Data Analytics Empowers a Competitive Advantage Business intelligence. Big data. Predictive analytics. Historically, these terms have not been associated with the community banking industry. However, with the changing landscape of the financial industry today, these concepts certainly apply. Financial institutions have the power to take the data at their fingertips and turn it into a competitive advantage. The data is already there; it is just a matter of harnessing its power. What is the future of business intelligence in banking? More than ever, financial institutions are faced with the challenges of high customer…...more →

Building a Culture of Compliance from the Top Down

The first line of a 2014 FinCEN advisory reads, “Shortcomings identified in recent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) enforcement actions confirm that the culture of an organization is critical to its compliance.” Compliance truly is a shared responsibility, and a strong culture of compliance sets the foundation for the entire institution to succeed. This white paper explores tips and strategies for creating a culture of compliance from the top down.

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