Gain A Competitive Edge With Banker’s Toolbox Scholarships

Banker’s Toolbox is an advocate for professional development and continued education. We recognize the importance of expertise in order to be successful in the financial crimes industry. We take great pride in sharing the knowledge we have at Banker’s Toolbox with our community. We believe in the importance of the financial crimes industry and are dedicated to equipping BSA/AML and Fraud professionals with the tools they need to be successful, which is how the Banker’s Toolbox Scholarships began. Success, Not Just Software, has long been our motto and we relish the opportunities to prove how much we believe in it.


Certified AML and Fraud Professional

The Certified AML and Fraud Professional (CAFP) designation, from the American Bankers Association, demonstrates expertise in financial crimes prevention.

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Certified Financial Crime Specialist

The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialist offers an elite certification program that help validates your expertise and protect your institution.

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Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

ACAMS and the CAMS certification examples your commitment to protecting the financial system from anti-money laundering and ensure building a culture of compliance.

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