Since 2015, casinos have faced over $97 million in penalties for not properly complying with BSA/AML or Title 31 regulations. It is clear that the gaming industry is now a main area of regulatory focus, so casinos of all sizes need a solution that provides efficiency and effectiveness in their AML compliance efforts.

BAM Casino is a major time and money-saving tool for the gaming industry. It is a central repository for all activity related to Title 31. With it, you will feel confident in your Title 31 compliance and your ability to avoid regulatory penalties.





Gain Confidence in your Title 31/BSA Compliance

BAM Casino allows you to manage your compliance-related activity and identify potentially suspicious patterns within your patrons’ behaviors, giving you a holistic perspective on your guests. Its features include:

  • Money Laundering Detection - BAM Casino includes SmartScenarios that look for rules-based, behavior-based and typology-based patterns of suspicious activity, an efficient case management platform and powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Portfolio Management - Build a comprehensive portfolio for risk-based management of your patrons' identity, source of wealth/funds, gaming activity, etc.
  • Reporting Tools - Quickly and accurately gather all the information needed to file CTRs and SARs, along with other robust reporting capabilities.
  • List Screening - Scan your patron databases against sanctions and other watch lists, check for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and more.
  • Negative News - Search the web for hard-to-find adverse media articles about your guests, as well as criminal and civil litigation histories.
  • Incident Reporting - Enable front-of-house staff to securely notify you of questionable activity taking place on the gaming floor that may not trigger an alert.

What Types of Scenarios Does BAM Casino Include?

At Banker’s Toolbox, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that each casino has unique characteristics based on location, clientele and gaming options. In order to benefit your organization specifically, our SmartScenarios can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

BAM Casino has SmartScenarios around the following:

  • Structuring

  • Minimal Gaming Activity

  • Suspicious Transaction Activity

  • Suspicious Non-Cash Activity

  • Velocity Detection

When an alert is created based on your SmartScenarios, BAM Casino gives you transparency into what the behavior can mean – a major benefit that both you and your regulators will appreciate. Let BAM Casino give you the confidence you need to remain compliant and avoid regulatory penalties at your casino.