The Dispute Process in Card Investigation

The Dispute Process in Card Investigation

A study of new wire fraud schemes, how they impact
community financial institutions
and how you can help stop it.

What Will We Cover?
A Table of Contents

  • Dispute Process | pg. 3-7
  • Dispute Evaluation | pg. 8-13
  • Investigation Process | pg. 14-15
  • Resolving the Dispute | pg. 16

In some instances you simply want to issue permanent credit right away. You might want to issue permanent credit if the disputed amount is at a threshold where it's cheaper to issue credit. Another situation would be if your ATM is out of balance and you know the customer is correct. One possibility might be the disputed transactions are known to be fraudulent because there is a known skimming case. Always notify the customer to let them know you are issuing permanent credit.

If you determine the transaction was authorized deny the dispute. One reason you may want to do this is if the merchant has already provided credit to your card holder. A second option would be that the card holder actually authorized use of the card. If a card holder gave his/her card to a family member or friend, the card holder is still responsible for those transactions. A third option might be that the charge was authorized and the customer may have been confused for some easily explainable reason. Notify the customer of your decision with supporting documentation.

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