Common Point of Purchase Investigations

Common Point of Purchase Investigations

How to identify when and where your
customers’ card data may have been compromised.

What Will We Cover?
A Table of Contents

  • Fraud Schemes | pg. 3
  • Flash Fraud Scenarios | pg. 4-5
  • Identifying the CPP | pg. 6-10

Here's an example of one type of flash fraud scenario you might see see. A financial institution starts receiving multiple calls from debit card holders about fraudulent activity on their cards. There fraudulent purchases are made at stores for big ticket items. For example, you might see purchases for expensive devices at stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Home Depot.

Nine times out of ten these transaction occur in places other than where your card holders reside. As referenced earlier, often these transactions are preceded by test transactions which are typically small dollar transactions at nondescript places. This test transaction lets the fraudsters know the card is good and they are free to move to the big stores. They will continue to use this stolen card until it runs out of money or is shut down.

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