Digital Currencies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Digital Currencies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What's Covered?
As the proliferation of digital currencies expands, financial institutions need to understand how these work, the types of goods purchased, and the risks to financial institutions for facilitating the exchange of digital currencies.  Learn more about the growth of these currencies, the mathematics behind them, the use of the major currencies to date, and the regulatory response to various exchanges and marketplaces.

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“Great overview of a very interesting and timely topic.” – Maureen C.

“The presentation was very comprehensive on a very new topic.” – Keri H.

"This gave me a much better understanding. Thanks!” – Yvonne Z.

“This was excellent!!  Thanks so much for having these.” – Roxanne S.

“This was EXCELLENT!!  Just what we were all needing to know in the "NEW" way to launder money!!!” – Janet E.

“Nicely done presentation. Covered all of the information I was hoping would be covered during this webinar.” Caryn G.

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