Enhanced Due Diligence

Enhanced Due Diligence

Know Your Customer

With BAM+, you can record all the pertinent information regarding your consumer and business customer's anticipated account activity, source of funds, etc, at the time of account opening. A separate MSB/NBFI tab prompts users to collect required information specific to MSB regulatory compliance and log it directly into our money laundering detection software. Once captured, reports can be run at any time to detect anomalies between customers' current and anticipated activity.

Customizable for Your Institution

Because one size does not fit all, BAM+ allows you to customize transaction count and dollar amount ranges for each transaction type on both your personal and business accounts. Our anti-money laundering software also offers the ability to define a series of account opening questions specific to your financial institution.

Document All Your Decisions

An added Notes section allows your front line staff to document any additional information related to the account at the time of opening, as well as offering your back office staff a place to document results of regular customer reviews.