Bank software company invests in its people

Bank software company invests in its people

By Lori Hawkins

A sign hanging in the game room of Banker's Toolbox sums up the software maker's workplace motto: Be Nice or Get Out.

The 11-year-old company, which moved to Austin from Los Angeles last year, has grown by emphasizing a close-knit, team-driven culture, said founder Daniel Cho. Every day, its 45 employees gather for a catered lunch in the cafeteria. Everyone gets an individual office. And when the company makes money, it is shared by all.

The result, Cho said, has been steady revenue and profit gains, without raising any money from outside investors.

"It's simple — I believe happy employees will create happy customers," Cho said. "We try really hard to make work fun, and we also believe in sharing what we earn."

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