Banker's Toolbox Takes Customer Support to the Next Level With Florida Citizens Bank

Banker's Toolbox Takes Customer Support to the Next Level With Florida Citizens Bank

- Customer service seen as part of a holistic approach to preventing money laundering and fraud -

Austin, December 12, 2011 – Banker’s Toolbox caters to hundreds of community banks and credit unions, ranging in size from small town shop to major regional institutions. But providing top of the line money laundering detection software, along with an impressive suite of other banking software, is only half the equation.

The second half, and arguably most distinctive aspect coming from a software company, is the quality of customer service and education offered by Banker’s Toolbox. The relationship isn’t over once the product is installed, in fact, in most cases the relationship between Banker’s Toolbox and the financial institution is just beginning.

Debbie Gray, Senior Vice President and BSA Officer/Finance Manager at Florida Citizens Bank, says, “With Cynthia [project manager of Banker’s Toolbox], everything was fantastic! Specifically, she was the best person ever, to be able to work with. She constantly communicated with us and told us what was going on and what to expect. She was always, always, available. To put it plainly, she was awesome.”

Debbie visited the Banker’s Toolbox headquarters in Austin earlier this year for “BAM Academy”, a week long hands-on BSA/AML training program that focuses on ensuring customers return to their institutions as BAMTM experts. Upon experiencing the customer dedication in person she related that, “What stands out in my mind is that Daniel is so involved with the company. That he wants to make sure that service is provided and that customers are taken care of and that he wants to hear about it if not. That was a big defining moment for us.” 

“It’s not just about providing the best software we can for our customers.  It’s about one-on-one personal involvement and exemplary customer service,” says Daniel Cho, founder and CEO of Banker’s Toolbox. It has been the philosophy of Banker’s Toolbox from the beginning to “equip, educate, and enhance” not just the BSA department for each of their customers, but the institution as a whole. “Give them the tools, teach them how best to use them, and the financial institutions as well as the communities which they belong to are enhanced by effective anti-money laundering actions that put more bad guys behind bars.”

Reemphasizing the goal of “equip, educate and enhance” Banker’s Toolbox strives to make sure that Florida Citizens Bank is not only equipped with the best software, but that they know how to get the most out of it so they can continue serving their customers and community better.


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Florida Citizens Banks’ mission is to be a highly innovative, community oriented bank, offering personalized banking to residents and small to medium-sized business within Alachua, Marion and surrounding counties. Our goal is to utilize technology and other available resources, to offer products in a very efficient manner to help keep your account records accurate, secure and easily accessible through their on-line and telephone banking, or personal contact and one of their nine branches. For more information, please visit

About Banker's Toolbox
Austin, TX-based Banker's Toolbox, Inc. helps community financial institutions manage risk and streamline compliance examinations. The company's product suite consist of proven solutions for money laundering detection and reporting, risk management through fraud and kite prevention, secure wire processing automations, and commercial real estate loan portfolio risk assessment. The Banker's Toolbox team is a unique combination of seasoned bankers and information technology consultants who specialize in designing, developing, and implementing risk management solutions while providing unparalleled customer service. For more information, visit the company's website at