A Culture of Happiness

A Culture of Happiness

Want to learn more about why Banker's Toolbox is such an amazing place to work? Check out our culture videos to learn how we create a fun work environment and a community of happy employees. After watching these you will know why we are one of the top places to work in Austin and Texas!






Our Philosophy: Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

We firmly believe the foundation of happy customers is built by happy employees.  If we love our jobs and employees are loyal to the company, we are better equipped and focused to provide the best service and product we can for you.

  • FREE Lunch Every Day

    When you arrive at work each day, there is an email waiting in your inbox with a link to the menu for the local Austin restaurant of the day. You place your order using the online form that remembers what you like and shows you what other people are ordering if you want to try something new. At noon, your order is delivered to the lunch room.

  • Breakfast of Champions

    Everybody knows it; skipping breakfast is a bad idea.  Start your day right by helping yourself to a variety of breakfast options that include cereal, bagels, english muffins, pop tarts, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, granola bars, orange juice, milk, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.  We even get fresh, delicious breakfast tacos every Friday.

  • Stocked Up on Snacks

    han•gry (han-gree) adj: a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state.  If hunger strikes between meals, grab yourself a free snack or a soda to keep "hangry" at bay.  You'll find chips, cookies, fruit, string cheese, nuts, granola bars, danish, donuts, and other goodies lining the cupboards and countertops.

Why is our Mascot a Penguin?

If you have ever toured our offices you might wonder why there are so many penguins around.  The arctic-loving animal is our mascot because, when the surrounding elements get dangerous, penguins huddle together and survive with the warmth and protection of the group.  This is how we see ourselves.  When the going gets rough, we band together and work as a unit in order to survive and thrive.  We know our talents are so much more potent when used in unison rather than as individuals. So when you think of Banker’s Toolbox, think of the penguins huddled together, surviving the tough times and enjoying the great times, together.