Banker’s Toolbox, Inc. provides software-based solutions for financial institutions. Our diverse staff consists of seasoned bankers, CAMS certified professionals, former regulators and technology experts who specialize in designing, developing, and implementing risk management solutions. Our commitment to customers is unmatched in the industry and is reflected in our dedication to customer support. Become a member of the Banker’s toolbox family and feel the Banker’s Toolbox difference.


How Did Banker’s Toolbox Start?

Once upon a time, Daniel Cho, CEO and founder of Banker’s Toolbox, worked in the IT department of a Los Angeles bank. He worked closely with a BSA Officer and saw firsthand the countless hours she spent monitoring for money laundering and detecting suspicious activity. She continuously struggled to gather data reports manually from all areas, a never-ending task. After seeing her commitment, long-hours and dedication Daniel felt compelled to help. He believed there was a better, more efficient way for her to do the job so set out to develop an efficient software program. He spent countless hours on it, but the time was worth the effort because end result literally made the BSA Officer cry tears of happiness (true story)! That program became the foundation of our very first software solution. Daniel founded Banker’s Toolbox in 2000, and since then our strategy has been to provide end-to-end case management solutions to make customers’ lives easier by saving them time and money. BSA/AML and fraud detection is in our DNA, as former bankers, compliance officers,  and regulators we know the landscape, we know your challenges.  You may not cry tears of joy, like our very first user, but we bet we get at least a sigh of relief.


Success. Not JUST Software.TM