Anti-Money Laundering Solutions & Fraud Detection

Banker’s Toolbox provides software-based solutions, professional and consulting services to give financial institutions confidence in their BSA/AML and fraud detection. We help our partners save time and money by providing efficiencies, expertise and unparalleled personalized support along the way. As former bankers, regulators and CAMS professionals we understand the challenge you are up against, which is why everything we create is purpose-built with you in mind.  We know what it takes for you to be successful in your job and our goal is to give you tools to do just that.

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Our products consist of proven solutions for fraud detection and anti-money laundering, risk management through fraud and kite prevention, secure wire processing automation, and commercial real estate loan portfolio stress testing. We also offer professional and consulting services for companies that need short or long-term support, whether to prepare for exams, assess risk or get back on track after an exam. What Sets Us Apart? In addition to our innovative fraud detection and AML solutions, Banker’s Toolbox prides itself on its people. Our staff is comprised of seasoned bankers, CAMS certified professionals, former regulators and technology experts who specialize in designing, developing, and implementing risk management solutions while providing exceptional customer service. In other words, we’ve been in your shoes and we use our knowledge and experience to develop the best products and services available. We stay on top of industry trends and new regulations to keep our customers prepared. We not only work tirelessly to create the leading industry software and anti-money laundering solutions, but we never lose sight of why we’re doing it. At every phase – from product development to implementation and continued support – we remember our three core values: 1). Delighting our Customers 2). Pursuit of Excellence 3). Happiness for our Employees. We strive for perfection and build long-term relationships with our customers. We care about their businesses and their overall success. True, we’re a high-tech company in the competitive financial industry, but we never stray far from our roots. After all, we support people, not just software. And that’s the Banker’s Toolbox difference.

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BSA / AML Solution

Save valuable time and energy with BAM+, the BSA/AML and fraud detection solution from Banker’s Toolbox.  With easy-to-use work flows and an enterprise case management system, BAM+ gives you a powerful tool to be successful in your job. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks, get BAM+ and gain a little peace of mind.

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Fraud Detection

Automated Detection & Prevention

Having the ability to manage both BSA/AML and fraud prevention on the same platform is critical to an effective financial crime detection system. Banker’s Toolbox’s multi-dimensional technology combines risk thresholds, behavioral logic and typology pattern recognition to attack fraudulent activity on multiple fronts.

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CRE Loan Stress Testing

Crest, our ABA-endorsed Commercial Real Estate loan portfolio stress testing solution, provides financial institutions a comprehensive view of their current CRE loan portfolio. It projects hypothetical stress calculations based on actual loan, collateral and appraisal data and helps organizations improve their performance and profitability.

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Secure and Efficient Wire Transfer Automation Software

Save time and money with WirePro, the secure wire transfer automation software from Banker’s Toolbox.  WirePro will automate your entire back office process and screen for fraud at the same time, making life a little easier for your staff and delighting your customers at the same time.

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Experience, Knowledge and 360 Analysis from Industry Experts

Whether you need short-term help or a long-term partner, Banker’s Toolbox’s team of experts can help. Our specialized team is comprised of seasoned bankers, former regulators &  technology experts who specialize in designing, developing & implementing risk management solutions.

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Suspicious Activity Monitoring and Lookbacks

If you’re feeling the pressure of increased compliance expectations without additional resources, our Suspicious Activity Monitoring Service can help. Banker’s Toolbox’s Financial Investigations Unit helps financial institutions review alerts, work cases, file SARs, perform lookbacks and more.

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A Family Gathering

A Family Gathering

Here at Banker’s Toolbox, as we are taking inventory of all the things that make our company special, one powerful attribute rises to the top of the list, and it cannot be seen by looking internally. I refer to our “Family of Customers."


  • Implementation Has Been Great!

     "Everyone I have dealt with during the implementation process has been GREAT!" - Sheri-Lyn Robinson, Lafayette State Bank, Mayo, FL...more →
  • Full Believer!

     "I am a full believer in the product and what it can do for me and my bank. Bankers Toolbox has a great support team and I wouldn't go back to a manual monitoring system...  we also have WirePro and it is amazing." - Vicki…...more →
  • Large Variety of Reports!

     "I would recommend this system to anyone that wants to automate their AML research. The system is fairly easy to use and has a large variety of pre-made report options. Therefore you do not have to build all reports from scratch." -…...more →
  • Makes My Life Easier!

     "It makes my life easier! BKTB products allow us to easily identify unusual/suspicious activity and all the applications are user friendly. In addition, the employees at BKTB are awesome. From my relationship manager to support, they go above and beyond to make sure…...more →
  • Flexibility and Customization!

    "Love the flexibility and ability to customize the software."- Megan Jeffries, Bank of Georgetown, Washington, D.C....more →
  • Core Staff is Knowledgeable!

     "Core staff is knowledgeable (from both product and regulatory perspectives), caring and responsive." - Lora Swayne, Cathay Bank, Los Angeles, CA...more →
  • Saving Time!

    "Our previous system was not very useful. There were too many alerts and most of them were false positives. We were conducting account reviews manually and now we are using the BAM+ system to complete and document these, which is…...more →
  • Very Proactive Through Conversion!

    “Banker’s Toolbox was very proactive in helping us achieve savings throughout the conversion (from another software system). We were looking for a true vendor ‘partner’ who would understand the strategic direction of our bank and work together with us in…...more →
  • Happy Regulators!

    “I just got done with my BSA audit today.  I wanted to let you know that the auditors had never seen Banker’s Toolbox before coming here, and were pleasantly surprised with it. My SAR manager had open and closed cases…...more →
  • We love BAM!

    “We love the BKTB BSA software. It has been a valuable addition…” -Erik Helland, West Bank, West Des Moines, IA...more →